SRATI Open letter addressed to I.S.A. President for Israeli people


Bucharest, 09.10.2023


To the President of the Israel Society of Anaesthesiologists



                                    Dear Dr. Shai Fein, MD, MHA
                                    Dear Israeli Colleagues,    


We are shocked by the magnitude of the tragedy caused in Israel by the coward and barbaric terrorist attack that took place on October 7, 2023.


On behalf of SRATI, we express our solidarity with the Israeli people and bow our heads and pray for the souls of the innocent civilians, as well as for the brave defenders of public order serving in the police and armed forces.


The cold-blooded killing of civilians, regardless of whether they are children, women, men, or the elderly, is proof of the utmost vileness and dehumanization of the infamous terrorists who we are certain will receive punishments commensurate with their inhumanity.


Taking civilian hostages in an armed conflict is still an imprescriptible crime in a civilized world that has human life as its supreme value.


Dear Colleagues, we know for sure that Israel will prevail, and you, our colleagues, are well-known for your impeccable medical skills, as well as your commitment and compassion with which you care for every patient in need. However, in these difficult times with such a large number of injured victims, beyond the emotional solidarity, we would like to make you aware of the willingness of Romanian anesthesiologists-intensivists, members of SRATI, to volunteer for an aid mission in Israeli hospitals.


Therefore, the Romanian Ministry of Health published on its site a link for volunteering doctors. SRATI has reached out to its members and is awaiting for the approval of the Israeli officials.


With full solidarity,


Prof. Șerban-Ion Bubenek-Turconi MD, PhD, FESAIC



President of the Romanian Society of Anaesthesia - Intensive Care (SRATI)

Prof. Dorel Săndesc MD, PhD